Welcome Home – how being in downward dog brought it all together

Happily, I am a new student of yoga. I have known for some time that I would be going to yoga class. It fits with my core beliefs, resonates with what I have learned with Reiki and acupressure, and continues the mind, body, and soul journey that I am on. I have talked about going to yoga class, did my research, and even bought a mat and videos to learn the postures and practice at home. It would be years after those purchases that I stepped foot into an actual class.

So, three weeks ago, my sister and I decided that we needed a serious energy boost and went to our first yoga class, at Pedal Power in Greenwood Lake. I proudly brought my very own mat with me — my fourth mat — because who wants to start a new journey (again) with a dusty old mat? And do you know what? I loved it. I have no idea what kept me from going all these years. Alright; in the true spirit of owning up to the tales we spin to ourselves and those who will listen, I know exactly why I have not gone. It’s not that I don’t like exercise — I love to walk, I have a long stride for my short legs and I can literally walk for hours. It’s that I am not flexible –like, really not flexible – and I had no desire to flaunt that to anyone.

What I learned when I began my first class just a few weeks ago, walking in at the last minute and having to start my very first class in the very front row, the only spot that was not taken, was that no one really cares. Yoga is obviously good exercise and can help get you into amazing shape, but it’s also spiritual. And being so, the others in the class do not care if my tree pose is missing a few branches. During that first class, my legs were wobbly and my arms were shaking. I realized that you should absolutely not eat dinner right before class. My stomach was turned upside down and squeezed like a sponge. But I walked in with shoulder pain, and just an hour later I was completely pain free. I felt lighter, and not just because I literally compressed my organs. I felt like I had finally taken a step towards accomplishing something I knew I should have been doing all along. 

My last class was just as special. The instructor brought the spiritual aspect to a whole new level, with a meditation dealing with the third eye chakra and bringing the creative into our lives. At one moment, she told us to close our eyes and visualize what it is that we wanted. When I did so, I saw very clearly that the book I am writing is published. I saw what the cover looked like, I saw my name on the bottom, the colors that danced on the glossy surface. And amazingly, I saw the title that I have been struggling to dream up since I wrote my first sentence so many months ago. I have had such a hard time with the title, knowing that it needed to be something that would stand out, but also encompass the concept of the story – which is about finding my way through depression and a bad relationship (many, actually), about how the world of energy work helped me to save myself, about how I can love and care for others all I want but it’s the soul inside of me that I needed to find in order to do those things. And when I closed my eyes, I saw my message so clearly: Welcome Home. 

This is the most important lesson I have learned so far. We all have to look within ourselves to find out who we are and what we are meant to do. It’s not something that someone else can give us. Support us, yes. Love us, sure. But we first have to learn that our home, our power, resides within. Once we do, we can reach that quiet state, and an in instant, know that we are home. Namaste.


©2015 Amy Sampson



  1. I LOVE your blogs, Amy, and can well imagine what a wonderful book you’re writing! All best wishes to you in ALL of your endeavors! Love and Light, Mia

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