Sometimes we hold onto an idea of something so tightly, our knuckles turning white with our wishes pulled so close to our hearts, exhaustively plotting and planning how to hold onto this happiness, that we don’t even realize what we hold has been lost. Open your hands, relax your heart, and breathe. Our ideas of happiness might be blocking our actual happiness. What we hold so close to our hearts is changing the natural rhythm of the beat that keeps us alive.

My belief is that we are all here together to increase our understanding and awareness, and in order for that to happen, we must identify and free ourselves from limiting beliefs and actions. I want to engage readers in a conversation about how to positively change your life, and become what you were meant to be – to live a life that you can one day look back on and know that you lived as you were meant to. I don’t want to one day look back on my life and say “I should have,” or worse, “I could have.” When I take my last breath, it will be one of satisfaction. I have stepped out of my daily existence and know that I am a small pixel in a vast picture. But within me – within all of us – is a light so powerful it can overcome the darkness.

© 2015 Amy Sampson